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Lunch & Dinner Date At Home Ideas For a Lovely Time!


People are used to barbecues, cocktail parties and buffet dinners but how many times do you have people enjoying good food during lunch time hours? Get to read on for tips on how to turn your long afternoons into a feast for good friends, loving family, great conversation and delicious food.


The Preparation


Do ensure that you inform everyone that you have in mind to attend so that they can come prepared and a little bit hungrier than normal because this kind of lunch is not made up of sandwiches and cookies.


This is not brunch therefore start your lunch a little bit late so that it can spill into the afternoon. Sundays are a good day and are also spacious plus this is just one day to ensure that Monday blues are dealt with.


Choose your guests wisely. For this kind of date you need people who enjoy good conversations ,are open-minded, can tell good jokes and just keep the day rolling.


If children are in the guest list then you should also consider arranging activities or possibly a movie in another section of the house so that they can also be entertained without them distracting everyone else.

You should also consider the kind of weather that is in season. If it is during warm months then you can consider having your lunch outside if it’s during the cold months especially winter this is the kind of date you would enjoy having in front of the fireplace.


You are not holding a business meeting and therefore your table should not be too formal the idea is to have people interact, relax and linger and also allow mixed plates and even some informal flowers. Ensure that their meals are in courses so that this encourages a slower atmosphere. Do remember that you are the host and therefore choose dishes that require very little last-minute preparation time so that you can spend as much time with your guests as possible. Have some wine and nibbles already set out on the table for your guests to begin with.  They can eat a piece and pass it on then have this followed with some bowls of soup then the main course can be something as simple as roast chicken. You can also taste the desert and then later on bring out the the coffee possibly followed by a bowl of fruit.


Ensure that the water glasses and even the wine ones are full.  You can also decide to serve some alcohol but that is not necessary because it is good to have plenty of alternatives like lemonade or iced tea but remember a lunch or a dinner date is to get people relaxed and loosened up but not to get too drunk.


if you need to get the pace slower than usual then you can have a lunch that last up to 4 o’clock which gives you enough time to clean up but also you can decide to hire someone else to do the cleaning and entertain your guests with some games.


Sprucing up everything


One of the things that you must know is how to quickly spruce up the house and make it look like you were intentional about the date. But at times, life gets you and you eventually have to act in the spur of the moment so for such a case, here is what to do.


  • Clear the clutter in all the rooms you intend to use and close the doors you won’t be needing.
  • If you can, then quickly sweep through the floors, bathroom and toilet and ensure the sinks are clean too. Any dirty dishes should be  put in the dishwasher.
  • If you do not have enough time to order for flowers, try a house plant placed in a ceramic pot. Something succulent should do the trick.
  • Have some coasters where your guests can place their drinks.
  • As much as you would like to be perfect, kindly note that you are not an angel so do not try to apologize for everything. Apologies only make the guests focus more on the mess. Your job is to ensure that they have a great time.


What should always be at Hand


A lunch or dinner date at home can at times be a last minute thing for instance when you just got promoted and want to break the news to the ones you care about or you simply want to have a good time. Now there are three things that you should always have on standby if you are susceptible to hosting lunch and dinner dates. You should have the following:


  • A good bottle of wine. Your guests might bring a few bottles with them but you still need to stock up the best.
  • Cloth napkins. These are better than paper ones.
  • A playlist of great music that matches the atmosphere


The Menu


The food must be great and it should be something that you can afford to make in terms of affording the price and your cooking skills. Here are some of the great tasting and easy meals to prepare for both lunch and dinner dates.


  • Meat and potatoes
  • Zesty clam bake for seafood lovers
  • Chicken lasagna
  • Parmesan pork with asparagus
  • Chicken Cordon bleu


Be creative with your menu and let the taste buds of your guests go on an adventure.


Lastly, always remember to offer your guests a snack and drink before the main course.Nothing expensive,sparkling water and lemon will do just fine.Remember,dates are not only about the food, it’s all about the entire experience.


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