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Loft Room Decor Ideas – How To Transform The Attic!

Most people don’t cherish the fact that they have a roof over their heads. Even so, some don’t also appreciate the space between them and the actual roofing of their houses. Looking back in time, Hollywood movies of the Horror genre made it a cliche with also sorts of evil lurking around closets and basements.

However, recent adaptations sprung up the idea of attics housing all kinds of mystical beings. Now we’re not saying that your place houses the supernatural nor does it need purification but your attic could use an upgrade. So let’s dust up the cobwebs and get to work on how to brighten up your loft with some interior decor ideas


Maximizing Loft Space Tips

Depending on your needs and the shape of your house, you could reinvent yourself and come up with an entirely new room. Most people stack up junk in their attics and complain about the need for a bigger home when the solution stares right on top of their heads.

Most lofts are usually well ventilated opening up a wide array of options to choose from. Most people typically go for luxuries that their homes do not come with by default like a pantry, a home gym, a kids’ playhouse or a studio for the music lovers.

You could also turn it into a study room with a fitted library from your personal tastes, or a wine cellar to entertain your classy guests. However, some usually go for twice the space they have to make room for an extra bedroom or even a home office.

In as much as we would want to tell you that your imagination is your only limit, there are some key factors you may want to consider. Common sense should dictate that funds for the renovation should top the list. However, for those living in rentals, you may want to run it by your real estate guy or your home insurance.


Small Loft Bedroom Ideas

Setting up an extra bedroom can be a bit of a hustle especially if your loft space has a low ceiling space. IWAn easy fix would be to get rid of your queen-size bed and slam your mattress on the floor. You could, however, lay over some pallets to dispense the idea that you may be poor. On the other hand, high ceilings lofts can open up the room to add a mezzanine floor to your existing room.

Bedrooms are the most private places inside a home. Therefore, it is vital to seclude it from the rest of the house in an encasement. For open attics, you could go for a wall or a more flexible option with indoor shutters that fold back against the existing walls.

Some attics are generally stuffy so you may want to cut open some new window seat to bring in some natural light. However, you may not want to overdo it especially considering winters nights can be unforgiving.

On a different note, accessibility also plays a huge part. Some attics are generally hidden and can only be accessed with drop down stairs. This can sometimes be impractical especially when offering the room to a guest.

It’s therefore essential to create a more traditional staircase or a spiral design in the case of limited space. As for the overall design and interior decor, well that’s up to you to pick out the overall tone of the room. Darker colors go better with brighter colored furniture.

Small Loft Office Ideas

Personal space to get your work done is an entirely different case and is dependent on a variety of limitations. Based on the nature of your work, you may want to design a place that suits you most comfortably.

For example, a therapist would opt for more comfortable seats and lounges to get in the zone. Others’ corporate needs would require some furniture to house their workstations. Great deals exist at furniture stores like IKEA, or you could hop in the shed for a more DIY approach.

With the furniture already taking up most of the room, there is no need to rack your brains on where to place other essentials like cabinets. One of the hidden treasures of most households is usually the space under the stairs that could fit a wedged book cabinet.

With limited space, you could cram up the workstation in a corner to leave room for other junk. With a touch of creativity, you could choose a folding desk that magically disappears to conceal your area of work.

Finally, since it is an office in the comfort of your own home, you could add a touch of personality to your decoration. Add that picture of your grandma that you would otherwise feel embarrassed about in the presence of your colleagues. After all, you are your own boss.

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