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Author: Mercy Reynolds

Lunch & Dinner Date At Home Ideas For a Lovely Time!


People are used to barbecues, cocktail parties and buffet dinners but how many times do you have people enjoying good food during lunch time hours? Get to read on for tips on how to turn your long afternoons into a feast for good friends, loving family, great conversation and delicious food.


The Preparation


Do ensure that you inform everyone that you have in mind to attend so that they can come prepared and a little bit hungrier than normal because this kind of lunch is not made up of sandwiches and cookies.


This is not brunch therefore start your lunch a little bit late so that it can spill into the afternoon. Sundays are a good day and are also spacious plus this is just one day to ensure that Monday blues are dealt with.


Choose your guests wisely. For this kind of date you need people who enjoy good conversations ,are open-minded, can tell good jokes and just keep the day rolling.


If children are in the guest list then you should also consider arranging activities or possibly a movie in another section of the house so that they can also be entertained without them distracting everyone else.

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